Self-Studies In Flight Methods - 2019 - I

Is a conscious and continuous effort to reflect ideas and a new vitality in athree-year-long period —a return to self in ontology and aesthetics.
My path follows the Hundred Fields*, where each field is housed within the other, and once one was trodden, a new field would appear from the previous.
Moving through this path, I took in the energies of “now”, melting whatever disrupted the equilibrium in the core of being, to move forwards ever more lightly. My skin was vitalized by a potion of light, salt and angels that guided me at the gate of each field like a green light.
Each flag was created and posted layer after layer and color after color; and multiplied. All drowning in the hundredth field!

Maryam “Mimi" Amini
Autumn 2019
* “One Hundred Fields”, Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, 11th Century AD